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Eddie J SanosCelebrating 18 years behind the decks we can now say Eddie has dedicated his life to music, with one aim… to make people dance.

Once a radio broadcaster in a local radio station that unfortunately met its end, Eddie’s desire for a career in music was insatiable. He sought out different channels to satisfy his musical curiosity. He relocated to London where he enrols on Audio Engineer Diploma at SAE (School Of Audio Engineering – London), refining his production skills.

In March 2000, while studying, he does a trial for a DJ position at the fast growing Chorion, bar & club division (later renamed Urbium, today Novus Leisure) and only a few weeks later he grabs he’s first London residency at the company’s flagship Tiger Tiger on the infamous West End. For 8 years he maintained his residency and continues to guest DJ at many other hot nightclubs such as Sugar Reef, Red Cube, The Loop, Wax, On anon, Maya … and many others.

Eddie J Santos
Eddie J Santos is a true master of his art, never wanting to believe there was a party he was not right for or a club he could not rock, Eddie is the ultimate party rocker.

With a huge collection of music dating back to 70’s and 80’s disco, the ability to mix a wide range of different music genres in one set and a wealth of experience at many different venues, over the past 15 years he has developed an adaptable and eclectic style that incorporates exceptional technical ability and flair.

Today he is recognised by the way he reads and reacts with the dance floor in-between fusing records together, his unique ability to be able to step into the shoes of the customer and his all round technical ability making the dance floor rock with his creative set without being afraid to be different, has proven to deliver eye popping evenings of fun at some of London’s most successful and well known clubs.

He regularly plays at student parties, London events, as well as his current resident circuit Fridays @ Abacus (Cornhill – London), Thursdays, Saturdays & Sundays @ Zoo Bar & Club (Leicester Square – London).

Next aim is to become even more involved in music production having recently been offered the opportunity to do some re-mixing while furthering his work in music promotions and continuing to relish the journeys the DJing take him on.

Eddie sees DJing as a privilege more than job, to do something you love for a living and have a passion for is just wonderful.


 Music Power Member

Promoter of white labels and upfront releases for Power Promotions, Hyperactive Promotions, Label Worx, React Promo, DigiDJ, Fatdrop, Hear The Music, Virgin, Sony, Ministry Of Sound, 3beat, All Around The World and various other private labels.

Present Residencies:

 Zoo Bar & Club aka Venom (Leicester Square – London)

Weekly Wednesday (Club room) Thursdays resident (Club room), Saturdays (Club room) and Sundays (Bar): February 2003 to present.

Abacus Bar & Club (Cornhill – London)

Weekly Fridays resident: November 2008 to June 2013.

Partylicious @ The Den & Centro (West Central St – London)

Weekly Saturday After-Party resident: May 2011 to present.

 Previous Residencies and Guest Appearances

                Tiger Tiger (Haymarket – Piccadilly Circus – London)

Weekly Tuesdays resident: April 2010 to February 2011.

Tiger Tiger (Hay Market – Piccadilly Circus – London)

 Weekly Tuesday resident (Bar Room): August 2000 – August 2009

Tiger Tiger (Hay Market – Piccadilly Circus – London)

Weekly Wednesday resident (Bar Room): September 2005 – August 2009

Mystic Disco @ On Anon (Student Night – www.roughhill.co.uk – Piccadilly Circus – London)

 Weekly resident: September 2007 – May 2009

Vodka Island @ Tiger Tiger (Student Night – www.roughhill.co.uk – Haymarket – London)

Weekly resident (Club room): September 2007 – September 2008

The Loop (Dering St – Oxford Circus – London)

Weekly Friday resident(Bar Room): February 2008 – August 2008

Sugar Reef aka Grace (Piccadilly Circus – London)

Resident on Friday since June 2007 till December 2007

Abacus Bar & Club (Cornhill – London)

                                Weekly Wednesday resident(Club room): March 2005 – September 2007

Wax Bar(Oxford Circus – London)

 Weekly Friday resident: September 2006 till September 2007

Ruby Blue (previously known as Red Cube)(Leicester Sq – London)

Weekly Friday resident: July 2004 – September 2006

Tiger Tiger (Hay Market – London)

Weekly Thursday resident(Bar Room) and Fridays (Club Room): August 2000 – July 2004

Tiger Tiger (Five Ways – Birmingham)

Weekly Saturday resident: August 2002 – February 2003

Red Cube aka Ruby Blue (Leicester Sq – London)

 Weekly Wednesdays and Saturdays Resident: September 2001 – August 2002

Guest Appearances:

Maya (Dean Street – London), Apt (Queen Street – London), Abacus (Cornhill – London),

Agenda (Mincing Lane – London), Boardwalk (Greek Street – London),

Wax Bar (Oxford Street – london), Frantic @ Ministry Of Sound (London),

Affinity @ Fire (Vauxhall – London), Chillies @ Bar M (Putney – London),

Thirsty Thursday @ Retox Bar (Covent Garden – London),

Discoteca Karma (Rio Maior – Portugal), Babble (Green Park – London),

Copyright Nightclub (Tower Hill – London), Sugar Reef (Piccadilly Circus – London),

Digress City (Moorgate – London), On Anon (Piccadilly Circus – London),

The Loop (Oxford Circus – London), Tiger Tiger (High Street – Croydon),

Digress (Birmingham), The Langley (Covent Garden – London),

Motion (Embankment – London), Sway (Great Queen Street – London),

Discoteca da Quinta (Leiria – Portugal), Lagar Bar Disco (Rio Maior – Portugal),

Fonte Velha Bar (Rio Maior – Portugal), Alaude (Caldas Da Rainha – Portugal)

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